How to Complete My Registration
Please go through following steps to register
1. Register Yourself with with Existing Email ID and Secure password( Password length must be more than 7 characters containing at least 1 Small letter , 1 Capital latter , 1 Special Symbol , 1 Number)
2. Verify your Email Account with Us.
     To Verify your Email Account we will sent a verification Email at registered Email ID along with verification code and  Link. You Must Save this Email .This email is useful when you forget password.

3. You need to send a biodata of your profile to khandelwal Samaj Alwar on You must mention your Email ID which is registered on .
     There are two ways to Send Biodata
        a) Offline Service : send your hard copied biodata at our
office Address
     b) Online Service : send your soft copied biodata  to khandelwal Samaj Alwar on
4. Khandelwal Samaj alwar will activate your account within 7 days after receiving your biodata.
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